new love in our life (There is love, but not a love article)

if we were with “What we love” it will make us happy. That’s what many people said. But what if it wasn’t with that? Must we not be happy? or in those who think that they are already living with what they love But there are things that make me feel unhappy at all. Are these possible?

The love in this story is not referring to lovers because you must have thought or heard that he said that. finding life goals or a happy life is to live with what you love or doing what you love Therefore, it is often said that beginning of success is to find something to love What I like to see first…

Then we started thinking Love or like anything “from the past” in the past, but when life passes by It may not be easy to “go back” to do that. Like a dream of becoming a professional footballer at the age of 30, even if there is still time to do it But when analyzing all factors with the age that should build stability build that position It must have been very difficult. And it would be almost impossible if the age had passed further..

Likewise, the life that used to be “lost” or “wasting time” with many “things that weren’t” until the day we started to think. Or just thinking about it, it seems too late. And in some cases, there was just a factor that seemed “ready” to do, like something was too late. Like the aphorism, “Found a beautiful tree when the ax is chipped.”

no word late Can only be used in some cases

If we look at the “big picture” in life, of course, there is no late. to start over or take action But to be more specific, the phrase “no late” can only be used in some cases.

because with some things that we think we used to love and want to do It takes time to connect. There are many factors Even though this is not a lover’s love story But if you were to be a lover in the past Then we just remembered that he was really the right person, after a long time, when he went to flirt, he probably had a family, had children, even died. It is important that he is still alive and single. It doesn’t mean that he or that thing will be “same” with us when..

Come back to find what you love, what is right.
If today we are searching And wanting to do what I love again We have to consider a bit whether it’s worth it because we don’t need to love one-sidedly with these things…

Try to “share your heart or open your heart” first, for example, love what you are doing today. work or surroundings Any interesting angles… But many people may shake their heads. So you have to try to love something new that might be more appropriate than the past. Because if just sticking to the idea that “used to love” used to like to do something when it was impossible. We will become addicts. and unconsciously pushed forward

But if you think and still love the same things, you have to “love with reason”, such as not dreaming of becoming a professional footballer at a late age. But just have time to play football every evening after work. That should be able to fill a happy life. or if adding meaning to life Being a coach seems more feasible as it doesn’t fit the age limit. If you have a little capital, you can build a soccer field. or even create a football club Believe that this kind of feeling is not far from the original love is to be a footballer…

opportunity to admire flowers is in the care
If we forget Even the leaves may not remain.

But to live with what I love The real big obstacle is usually money. or other factors in life Because it’s difficult for us to live our own life day by day …

If we try to compare life is flower It is assumed that flowers represent happiness, success, that a tree, before it blooms, has leaves, and many kinds if it blooms. must go through care Life is like having two parts: survival and beauty. before life can be beautiful It must survive first, so the opportunity to admire the flowers. is in the care If we forget Even the leaves may not remain.

Many people are fortunate that the things they love also allow them to survive. In other words, loving something can make a career out of it. which may be a minority But there are many people who didn’t love it at first. But do it until you love it…

And for many, it can be a distinctly fragmented matter. is to understand between what to do with love If you accept and understand what you do, even if it’s not something you love But it’s necessary to nourish the things you love. It’s like a flower that needs beautiful leaves in order to nourish it to bloom.

Many people work hard to spend their money on customizing cars, collecting toys, traveling. Here’s a simple example. But many people just want to reach their goals. I only want what I love, but I don’t want it, I’m not ready to nourish anything Like this, it’s like wanting only flowers. I don’t care about the tree, I don’t care about the leaves.. thus becoming a person May be with what you love but not happy Because I have to suffer in other areas of life.. siteblogs

Here’s an idea from today’s story. if one happiness is to live with what we love, what we like, and we are not there yet. Remember, it doesn’t have to be from the past. or clinging to something that “used to love” always

And it’s not that we need to live with that all the time. or heading like a spoiled person because no matter what love That it needs nourishment. A new love that is not only affection temporarily infatuated But it is sustainability in a life that is valuable, meaningful, that it may be close. or not yet clear but must not be fooled that Other areas of life also need to be lived. These money, family, time must be sufficient for security. life balance the example above not hoping for flowers and disgust these things see this as a burden But these could be soil, fertilizer and water that we don’t need to love. but must be understood and taken care of in order to get flowers

Another part is that we may not be so lucky. Losing or wasting a lot of time in the past So I don’t have a chance to choose to live and do what I love. Today, it should be understood that Our life sometimes has to start with stability.